Naomi's Autobiography

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Stealth Journey - An uncommon fight against cancer, fear, tradition, & pharmaceuticals

is the inspirational story of Naomi's 17 year cancer journey.

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Co-Founder Naomi Havens is a 16 year Stage 2 Breast Cancer Survivor

who chose NOT to have chemo or radiation, in spite of the doctors telling

her she'd be dead within 5 years without those treatments.

Following God's call on her life, Naomi chose instead to turn to

natural therapies and use Food As her Medicine.

In 2010 God asked Naomi to be His hands, feet & mouth for this brand new non-profit whose mission is to educate people on the options available for healing their bodies naturally. God is the founder; Naomi is the co-founder of Victory Haven.

Initially we thought our mission included fundraising for the purpose of offering financial assistance to others pursuing natural therapies, which insurance rarely covers. Naomi has first hand experience in the area of the financial aspect of natural therapies, and that there are NO fundraisers done/offered for people on natural healing journeys.

Tim & Naomi have come to realize that God has them in the position of teaching rather than fundraising. They both love teaching nutrition and are extremely passionate in what they do.

​Check out Naomi's autobiography in column to the right! 


Tim Havens was "along for the ride" for about 13 of this 16 year

journey. He agreed with and was extremely supportive of the route

Naomi took .... BUT, still ate poorly when not at home and was not

 100% (probabaly about 40% on board) with the diet Naomi follows.

UNTIL he began having his own health issues which included

degenerative lower back discs, which the doctors told him he would

just have to "live with the pain". He began researching more closely

the role food plays in health. He has found a protocol which has

healed his degenerative discs!!

When You Donate to

​Victory Haven:

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  • There is NO paid staff. We are all Volunteers.
  • 100% of Your Donation goes towards our mission of helping local people in our area find the resources they need for their natural healing journey.
  • Your donation, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated!

A collection of Naomi's recipes, as well as recipes submitted by our Weekly Wellness Group members.

Helping People Regain Their Health Using God's FARMacy

Victory Haven

Alternative Cancer Support & Assistance Group